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Photography Mirco Hibiscus Bloom

There is something so beautiful about the Hibiscus drying bloom. The textures and tones that happen as the bloom darkens. Capturing the motion of time as each bloom (typically) stands for one-day. As the bloom drys out a new set of values are established. Transfer to...


Project GOAL In this blog post, I am exploring how two is represented through photography in English and Japanese. Many people have different ways of representing the number two. In English, we use a "2" with a line for each leg and in Japanese they use two horizontal...

Farm to Table

CrownMy SkinI See YouDisconnectYou Nailed ItThe rooster's beauty is no less than that of a peacock, but sadly he doesn't get the same appreciation. For The Farm-to-Table Series I wanted to show a different perspective by showcasing the subject using texture, color,...

Principles of Design

Principles of Design A Visual ReviewEmphasisBalanceLinesHarmony

Reflective Light

Reflective Light Reflective Light - There is something some special about his photo. Using my camera to creative art has always been very important to me. Recently, I have started to focus on shape images, subject, photo methods. This photo reminds me how much I love...

Kite Flyer

Kite Flyer Photography by Gary CrosseyTHE KITE FLYER - is one of my favorite photos. Everything about this photo feels good to me. If I were to have planned this photograph, I could not have staged it any better.  The yellow shorts against the dark sky is so prefect. 

Nightlight Photography

I am not typically a sun person. So, I especially enjoy going to the beach at night. It always surprises me how few people go on a beach at night. The entire beach is normally quite empty. The light on the beach at night is also quite usual. Unlike a few hundred feet...

Spring Bloom

It's hard for me to pass a nice bloom without pulling my camera out. My walks in West Asheville at the start of Spring were filled with blooming crocus.

Light & Color Photography

Similar. But, Not the Same I loved creating this image. There is something simple and innocent about the subject. It's uncomplicated. A few rows of circles that appear to be in harmony with one another. I like the absence of complexity. At first it seems to just be...
Food styling photography - Asheville NC

Food Styling Photography Book

We offer competitive pricing structures for your restaurant, cookbook, or food blog photography. Everyone is keen to see photos. Photos of food are appreciated by new and returning customers.

Product Photography – Barkley's Mill Cornmeal

See my product photography in action (and order some Organic Cornmeal it is super good). We wish Barkley's Mill the best...
Food Styling Photography

FOOD STYLING Asheville Farm

Food-styling photography for Asheville area farms.

Architectural Photography

What an honor to photograph the childhood home of Dorothy Draper. The house is located an hour from New York. And is #72 on the American Architectural Registration.