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Welcome to the Irishguy Design Studio Lab

CSS Grid Layout

CSS Rotate Single Characters

I am in the early stages of spending the time to figure out how to represent my Branding Flipped Lettering with CSS. Will keep the CSS Rotate Single Characters BlogĀ updated as the project develops.

CSS Rotating Rectangle

Control to present content in a controlled disorder.

I am a huge fan of the CSS rotating rectangle. With my nonsensical example of the Rotating Rectangle in action I am showcasing what the rotate can handle. With a few lines of code this amount of (appeared) disorder can be achieved (while keeping the content on the screen). To me, this is the most exciting thing to happen in web design. Having the control to present content in a controlled disorder.

CSS Resources

Recently, I narrowed my coding development to focus on the work that Jen Simmons and Rachel Andrew. Two women leading the way for all website developers and designers. They are both power houses of useful coding knowledge and real-world experience.

Their message of CSS Grid makes web design exciting for me. I understand what the last 20 years of web design. I have experience of building websites that have used every possible approach. I understand the world of web design that Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons are working toward, and it has a bright, interesting future.