Animation 3D logo by Graphic Designer Gary Crossey
3D Logo Animation by graphic designer Gary Crossey
Animation Frames
Animation Frames by Graphic Designer Gary Crossey
As a graphic designer, it is often easier and faster for me to draw the frames that to use a 3D software to create the 3D object.
Animation frames by Asheville Graphic Desinger Gary Crossey

3D Development

Created on Blue Screen for post keying.

Animation Test Lighting

For 3D to be successful, you have to develop many stages. Developing in low res can save TONS of money.
animation testing 3D lighting
Animation 3D logo
Animation Test

3D Masks

Many Graphic Designers get lost in the 3D world. Thankfully, I love working in both 2D and 3D – and often exchanging between both environments.
logomask013D model Moask