The 2015 Max conference attracted over 7000 attendees. All excited to hear about the new and future apps and workflows presented by Adobe. While this year did see advancements with the Creative Suite. The real benefit right now is that Adobe software works. The day of work-arounds is long past. Adobe has taken hold of the creative workflow and bought organization to project assets.
So while the new improved tools are impressive – it be more about the freedom to work whenever and wherever that makes Adobe 2016 an exciting year for the creative community.

Adobe Creative Suite Mobile Invasion

Yes, everything now connects. Files can move from one application to another seamlessly – and back again. Adobe says that “creativity has moved away from the desktop. With mobile device creativity can happen wherever and whenever we are inspired.”

Creative Cloud is Connectivity

  • Libraries are now the best method for sharing project assets.
  • Libraries can be share across all apps and with other people.

Mobile Adobe Apps

It is difficult to know if 2016 will be the game changer for the Adobe mobile app market. Adobe have been mining the mobile apps platform for a quite a few years. The Adobe apps are general good – if not well intended.
As a longtime Adobe user – the app development is a very different user experience than the development of Adobe software. The years of watching Photoshop grow into the software that it is today was quite a user experience. What was different back then was that Adobe was loyal to it brand.
The apps development experience as a user is very different. The brand loyalty is gone. The user now downloads an app, becomes experienced with the app, loves the apps – then the apps is discontinued or merged into a new app.
Saying that, I love the array of Adobe Mobile apps – even with all the repackaging and rebranding of the Adobe Mobile Apps there are some really great gems and new approaches to the creative workflow.
Perhaps that’s why Adobe has taken a more flexible approach to launch mobile apps. The hub now is not about the tools – but about user adoption rate. While the mobile devices and new Adobe design apps provide us the user with all the means to leave our desktop and go “anywhere to be creative” for the most of us – that anywhere is generally still in front of our desktop.

Adobe Comp

Adobe Comp is one of the most impressive changes to our workflow for 2016. While earlier versions of Adobe Comp has been quite successful is generating basic design concepts. The new and improved Adobe Comp benefits from shared libraries, advanced hand gestures, and font modifiability.

Improved Adobe Comp features

  • Shared Libraries – this feature has improved right across the Creative Suite.
  • Live font libraries – that now include character styles.

Adobe Comp Hand Gestures

  • Box with Period = Headline.
  • Box with Lines = Filled Body Copy.
  • Box shape = Filled shape.
  • Cross shape = Image Placeholder.

Adobe Capture

Adobe has combined five prior mobile apps into one easy to access app. Adobe Capture now includes:

  1. Color – capture color palette.
  2. Shape – capture vector shapes.
  3. Hue – video coloring.
  4. Brush – create custom brushes.
  5. Pattern – create seamless patterns.

Photoshop Mix

Fun app for combining images.

  • Combine images.
  • Supports multiple layers.
  • Support image color temperatures.  
  • Loads project files into Photoshop.

Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is quite a big deal. Yes, you can now retouch images on your handheld device. Photoshop Fix can even open and handle very large format files.
Photoshop Fix Features 

  • Spot Heal.
  • Patch Tool.
  • Stamp Tool.
  • Lighten / Darken.
  • Vanette
  • Skin Smoothing – knows the difference between skin & eyes.
  • Tooth whitening.
  • Color eyes.

Face Modeling 
The face modeling feature is something once only found in professional photography software. Now, it here to use on your device. Apply pins to face and with liquify tool – everything moves while blending.

  • Face Button
    • Drops pins and make changes to face.  

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile now includes the Dehaze tool. Ideal for removing clouds and fog from a photograph. The dehaze feature is located in the adjustment panel.

Photoshop Sketch

New brushes have been included into the Photoshop brush library.

  • New Watercolor Brush.
  • SeamLine to Adobe Comp or the Creative Suite.

Photoshop Software

By the end of 2015 Photoshop has seen many new improvements.

  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Add content from document > Add to library.
  • Assets are stored in centralized place.
  • Artboards
  • Multiple iterations of designs in a single document.
  • Special Layer Type.
    • Drag out to cavus.
    • Document guides move.
    • Artboard guides do not move.
    • Duplicate Artboards.
  • Filter Layers panel
    • Select the artboard filter – only showing the layers for active artboard.
  • Handles SVG files directly.
  • Export features  
  • Export layers with scales (new).

Adobe InDesign

Publish your content directly online. Adobe InDesign is jam pack of design tools. Many of those tools happen to be cool animation and interactive tools for creating complying interactive content. However, the design market have been slow to adapt to interactive content. So as a method to hopefully get the design community on board with interactive design – Adobe are now offering a unique URL to publish and promote our online content.

Project Comet

“New tool that is laser focused on everything you need to go from design to prototype in one end to end system. It built from the ground up, so it has breakthrough performance that really changes the way that you work. And it combines design and interactivity for the first time. in one tool that can create an interactive prototype”.
Sign up today to be part of the 2016 launch.

Adobe Fuse CC

Work with 3D Characters. Similar to Poser – Adobe have bought use character development. What is not good about this software? You have characters, clothes, adjustments, lighting, textures, and full integration with Photoshop. Meaning, design changes can be made with 3D model within Photoshop, from position, orientation, lighting, and adjustments. 
The preview version of Adobe Fuse is available for download. I creative table is limitless with Adobe Fuse – I can’t wait to see how this new product line of 3D solutions will develop.