Adobe InDesign Image Grid Tool - Step by Step video
Adobe InDesign Image Grid Tool is a great time saver for placing a grid of images or for creating a single row of images. The shortcut keys, at first, can be a little difficult to masters as they require a strange combination of shortcut keys that are tricky to grasp, but so worth learning.
This short video (Image Grid Tool) will show you how to  place your grid images while using the Image Grid Tool.

Shortcut Keys

  • Place Images > With Mouse Held Down > Press CTRL SHIFT keys
  • Drag mouse to set the outer grid frame > DO NOT let go of Mouse
  • Release shortcut keys
  • Use arrow keys to create rows and columns
  • Adjust space between rows and columns SHIFT Arrow keys
  • To add images > Release all shortcut keys > release mouse

The most difficult part about using this fast method to place a grid of images within Adobe InDesign is keeping the mouse button pressed down the entire time, while controlling all the other shortcut keys with your free hand. Thankfully, on my keyboard my SHIFT and ARROW keys are right beside each other making it easy enough to apply the shortcut effect.