Character / Paragraph Formatting Control Panel

It is no secret that using shortcuts keys within Adobe InDesign is essential for a productive workflow. However, after ten years, there are some truly smart shortcut keys that are not clearly listed within Adobe InDesign.

The Adobe toolbars have always included the practical facility to roll over a tool icon to access the name of the tool and the shortcut key, even when those shortcut keys were more than one letter, the shortcut keys are always listed. However, with the arrival of the Creative Suite came the control panel.
The Control Panel is the central control system for accessing the most popular features for your active tool. The control panel is basically the same as access the tool panel from the Windows menu. In most cases, the control panel is a great time saver, with the one exception being the most popular Character / Paragraph formatting control panel within Adobe InDesign.

Roll your mouse over the tool icons and their name will appear, however, none of the shortcuts are included. Being able to toggle between the Character and Paragraph panels without having to click either icon is a great time saver for me.

Adobe InDesign Character and Paragraph Panel Shortcut Key

Shortcut Key: CTRL ATL 7