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Okay to be honest – I give the Scandipity OpenLabel app a 5 Star Rating for having the right objective. “Converts the barcode on every product in the world into a digital label which is open to public comments”
One reviewer on the iTune’s store commented about how OpenLabel would have impacted her mum; if the app were available in 1972. And how no parent can go without having this app. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about saving the world for the children. And, in having resources and apps that will benefit the upcoming children. But, this app is for everyone – of all ages. Sure go ahead and scan for the children. But, while you are at it, scan for yourself and the other adults you provide for.
You will want a SmartPhone or Tablet to download the OpenLabel App. Once downloaded and installed – the OpenLabel will request Login information. OpenLabel are suggesting that you simply log in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Or, you can opt out and sign into the service directly.


I went with logging in via my Facebook account (seems easier). You will have to accept permission for OpenLabel to have access to basic Facebook profile and list of friends (I had to press the accept button twice – before getting a confirmation Facebook page).
Once you are in Facebook, Press OK.
First time around – I had a failed login.


Not quite sure what I was expecting to see once I had launched the app. Everything looks quite plain. There is a feed – of all the most common food movement resources, with the ability to follow them. Not quite sure why I would use OpenLabel to follow food resources that I already follow elsewhere (bit disappointed with the “Featured Users To Follow”)

Search for Facebook Friends on OpenLabel

None quite sure why the Search for Facebook Friends on OpenLabel feature is here. First of all, it is VERY slow. Second, what does it matter? Scanning food labels and Facebook connections.
Anyway, after getting bored with the welcome page, I pressed the DONE button in the top right hand corner. First of, the button says DONE. Done with what? I think the OpenLabel app developers already realize the the “Grow Community” interface isn’t working, by saying when you are DONE with this feed – hit DONE. Which results in launching the food labeling scanner app and device camera (not what you might expect from a DONE button). Eggs are done – scanning labels is doing!
Like I said, I love these guys for the objective of the app… I am so willing to see this app develop into what Scandipity hope; a consumer based database of barcoded products.
To make the bar scanner large, you may want to tap the screen of your device. You can either scan the barcode or enter in barcode manually. Tap screen to scan – you might see a FAST red light.
I scanned Andrew & Everett butter. Which resulted in zero recommendations or avoids.
As the end user I have the ability to suggest that I Recommend people use this product or that people should Avoid this product. With an included comment and profile photo (from Facebook). However, as the end user, I don’t actually know anything about the Andrew & Everett butter that I scanned with OpenLabel.
What i do know is. I pay more this the Andrew & Everett butter because the product label says the product is free of antibiotics, animal by-product etc. The point being, I buy this product because I think it may be better than the other butter options – however, I do not know anything about the product, or the company. To include anything, other than I think this product serves my needs (as far as I do not know), seems kind of pointless for an app.
Given that my first product produced only the ability for me to provide a customer review on a product line I know nothing about. I wonder how OpenLabel are going to manage their Wiki format? Are product line companies going to be able to post their own reviews? Is there any type of filtering in place?
Like I said at the start – I love the concept of OpenLabel – not quite sure if the concept has arrived directly to the app yet. They do have a useful newsfeed.

HOWEVER: if this is a sample of OpenLables

User News Feed – then I may delete the app rather quickly. Asheville App Review