Apple Ad
New Apple Ads – Be sure to check out the article posted on ZDnet.
Working & Teaching on both a Mac and PC (XP and Vista) ¬†– with good and bad happening on either platform. I would appreciate Apple getting back on focus by¬†marketing it’s own OS.¬†

The iPOD ads are beautifully created, with a strong¬†message of unity, oneness and a company who cares.¬†Bringing in GREEN issues into their marketing has enforced that Apple are an honest company that cares. Granted the¬†PC ads are funny, but as consumers can we really buy¬†into “funny, creative and green” as coming all from¬†the same vein?
As a consumer of both platforms, I would benefit from Apple taking the time to inform me about their OS with the same upbeat cheer their do with all of their other product lines. The first run of PC “stupid” ads were¬†incredibly hilarious, to which Microsoft responded with some really well crafted television commercials that rebranded the PC user, without any attack toward Apple.
Do we need a replay of Coke¬†and Pepsi? I don’t think so. Come on Apple do better next time… we already love your shiny silver boxes –¬†shiny¬†things! That’s all it thats.