Classes developed and taught by Gary Crossey

Adobe Creative Suite – What’s New?

Keep up to date with all of Adobe’s best practices, software updates and improved workflows with the Adobe Creative Session – What’s New workshops.
With a different focus each week, join Gary Crossey (Asheville Adobe User Group) Join Gary Crossey (Asheville Adobe User Group) as he explores the Creative Suite. Lesson include real-world projects that include graphic design, web design and development, video and audio editing and special effects, as well as the best practices for deploying content via the internet, print or social networking.
Fun, face paced class for new or experienced Adobe user who is interested in discovering what’s new with Adobe.

  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 5/4/2010
  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 8/14/2009
  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 1/10/2009
  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 10/18/2008
  • Adobe Create Suite – Introduction 1/23/2008
DateClass Title
10/1/2010Adobe Dreamweaver – Advanced
1/25/2010Adobe Dreamweaver – Beginning
9/17/2010Adobe Dreamweaver – Intermediate
2/8/2010Adobe Dreamweaver – Intermediate
9/30/2010Adobe Dreamweaver – Intermediate
10/6/2009Adobe Dreamweaver – Intro
11/9/2009Adobe Dreamweaver – Introduction
10/7/2010Adobe Illustrator – Beginning
9/24/2010Adobe Illustrator – Beginning
10/29/2010Adobe Illustrator – Intermediate
2/12/2010Adobe Illustrator – Intermediate
3/28/2009Adobe Illustrator – Introduction
3/15/2008Adobe Illustrator – Introduction
7/12/2010Adobe InDesign – Advanced
10/30/2009Adobe InDesign – Advanced
6/6/2009Adobe InDesign – Advanced
3/26/2009Adobe InDesign – Advanced
5/17/2010Adobe InDesign – Beginning
1/22/2010Adobe InDesign – Beginning
6/4/2010Adobe InDesign – Intermediate
5/23/2009Adobe InDesign – Intermediate
3/19/2009Adobe InDesign – Intermediate
10/13/2009Adobe InDesign – Introduction
8/11/2009Adobe InDesign – Introduction
5/9/2009Adobe InDesign – Introduction
3/12/2009Adobe InDesign – Introduction
2/26/2009Adobe InDesign – Introduction
11/7/2008Adobe InDesign – Introduction
6/7/2008Adobe InDesign – Introduction
10/20/2009Adobe InDesign – Introduction
6/12/2009Adobe InDesign – Masters
11/6/2009Adobe InDesign – Masters
7/15/2010Adobe Photoshop – Advanced
9/26/2009Adobe Photoshop – Advanced
10/21/2010Adobe Photoshop – Beginning
10/27/2010Adobe Photoshop – Beginning
5/24/2010Adobe Photoshop – Beginning
1/29/2010Adobe Photoshop – Beginning
6/7/2010Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
9/19/2009Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
9/5/2009Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
5/22/2009Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
2/20/2009Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
11/14/2008Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
3/14/2008Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
9/5/2009Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
5/15/2009Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
1/9/2009Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
4/18/2008Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
2/15/2008Adobe Photoshop – Introduction
5/3/2010Adobe Photoshop – Time Saving Tips and Tricks
5/31/2008Adobe Photoshop Elements – Intermediate
4/20/2010Computers for the Beginner
6/20/2009Digital Photography / Portfolio
1/11/2010DME 120 N1
1/14/2008DME 140
1/12/2009DME 260 D1
1/12/2009DME 260 N1
1/12/2009DME 285 D1
5/19/2009Excel 2007 – Introduction
10/14/2010Facebook for Business
1/19/2010Facebook for Business
5/28/2010Facebook for Business
4/22/2010Facebook for Business
10/21/2009Get the most out of Facebook
9/10/2009Get the most out of Facebook
8/6/2009Get the most out of Facebook
9/30/2010Get your business online
7/16/2010Get your business online
3/20/2010Get your business online
9/17/2010Get your business online
4/10/2010Quickbooks Pro – Introduction
10/3/2009Quickbooks Pro – Introduction
6/16/2009Quickbooks Pro – Introduction
2/25/2010SEO / Business Website Engine Rankings
8/18/2009Social Network Sites
10/8/2009Using CSS for Web Design
1/14/2008WEB 120
1/14/2008WEB 120 D1
1/14/2008WEB 140
5/21/2008WEB 210 D1
5/21/2008WEB 210 N1
3/27/2009Web ActionScript – Projects
5/16/2008Web Animation Flash – Intermediate
3/8/2008Web Animation Flash – Intermediate
6/5/2009Web Animation Flash – Introduction
3/20/2009Web Animation Flash – Introduction
2/7/2009Web Animation Flash – Introduction
3/7/2008Web Animation Flash – Introduction
2/9/2008Web Animation Flash – Introduction
10/15/2009Website Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
6/24/2010Word – Introduction
10/23/2010WordPress Introduction