Cross-Pollinate information

With CSS - cross-populate information Many successful website have more than one domain. Often to attract a larger share of the market. A great way to cross pollinate visitors is to share information.
The images shows how a  live feed from one WordPress website to another looks.
I created code that retrieves the feed from another website. To improve the function, I also created a few filters.

  • Only show the most recent articles.
  • Do not show more than four articles.
  • Filter articles by categories.
  • Only share the categories that are selected.

By being able to filter the feed, I can ensure that my website visitors only get the news that is most relative to them.
For example: blog feed includes information about upcoming events (in Asheville), News about the organization and their project goals. All great info –  for local follows, not so much for a national website. However the eco-friendly articles are of great interest to my website visitors. While also cross-pollinating in a method that Google deems good.

What not to do

What you do not what to do, is republish a copy of an article from another website. Even when you have the copyright for the publication. A duplicate of any online content is deemed as plagiarized, and unworthy of serious ranking consideration.