VIDEO – Media Literacy

Most young people are comfortable using modern technology. Social Media and other Digital Communication skills are second nature. However, there are strong focuses that use the media to control their message.

How can we trust media?

Begin, by question how we use media and technology. By learning how we use media we will be able to.

  1. Make Choices
  2. Take Decisions
  3. Communicate

Build Strong Tech Skills

Know your environment. Take the time to learn the tech skills required. And, keep learning. Understand what content you need and what content is not needed. When searching for content online you need to be aware of.

  • Nasty Content and Viruses.

What is Media News

Everyone there are thousands of worthy news stories to report. However, in any given day only a few story will be broadcast as news worthy. With a smaller group of media outlets filtering the mainstream news hub.

Online Marketing

Online marketers are smarter than ever before. The online marketer now knows you. They know where you live. What shows you like, What size of colors you like. The books you read. The books you want to read. The items that you wish to buy. The marketers know you, your family, and everyone of your friends.