OK we know it all started with a dancing hamster 15 years later – Animated GIF’s can actually deliver the CONTENT used to with Flash (SWF) files.
After Effects has included as export to Animated GIF format before – with mostly undesirable results – BUT WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO RENDER TO GIF? During the time of FLASH (animated GIF were stupid cute¬†animated Hamsters) – today with Apple’s forceful resistance to the the Flash platform (for whatever reason) – designers can again get CLEVER with animated GIF’s.
To overcome some of the limitations of rendering animated GIF’s from After Effects, it is a good idea to render your After Effects content as
Photoshop Extended offers more control for creating animated GIF movies. Create your animation in After Effects, render and export to an intermediate format (such as a QuickTime movie), open the movie in Photoshop Extended, and export to animated GIF using Save For Web & Devices.