Including affiliate banners on your web site can be a potential way for your web site to earn money. Understanding basic HTML will make the task of including banner ads to your web site easier. Most affiliate programs will generate the banner ad code that you need and the instructions on how to embed the code into your web page or website template.

What is included in the code?

The affiliate code is a basic hyperlink to the affiliate web site, included within the code is a dynamic link to an advertising graphic, the alternate text and the affiliate account number.

Banner Consideration

Each time a person clicks on an affiliate banner, the affiliate web site will begin tracking the customers’ purchases. Affiliate banner ad programs normally pay a commission of the final sale.
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When selecting banner ads, be sure to choice products or services, that you think people may benefit from. Try to have the ad relate to your blog or web page content.
Think about how you wish your banner ads to appear with your content. Often, people add so many banners to their web site that the end user is confused on what to read or click. Really, think about the usefulness of the advertisement, as well as the prime location required to run the advertisement. For most web site owners, having our visitors interacting with their content is an important aspect of “their end-user experience”. When our web site visitor clicks on our banner advertisements – they are normally leaving your web site (never to return).
I try to use advertisements to provide my web site visitor with a resource to obtain a product or service I have reviewed. So that the end users have a similar experience with content, even bad reviews have external hyperlink to purchase products or services. Our job is not to lose focus of our own web site, but to enhance the experience by providing resources that are beyond the scope of your website or professional services.
Most popular web sites do offer a wide range of different affiliate programs that require the web site owner to complete a short application.
Not all affiliate program applications that you apply for will be approved. Most major brands are very “picky” about where their product or brand can appear. Be sure to have a completed web site prior to applying for affiliate programs, as most major brands will review your web site content for reflective to their product line or service. If the content is badly presented or unrelated, the affiliate program application will be denied.
Keeping track of your affiliate programs can be difficult – joining a reputable link farm can be an effective way to streamline your affiliate program efforts.