Illustration: Tree of Life by Gary Crossey

Tree Illustration by Gary Crossey

Mapping Complexity

Aristotle is credited as the first person to use the tree method as a classification system. Where information and knowledge are represented with branches that do not touch.

Tree Metaphor

Entire systems of Religious Symbols and Classification System all depend on the symmetry of the tree metaphor. The tree creates a hierarchy, balance, order, and unity for the collective.

Tree of Enlightenment & Life

1751 French Encyclopedia published The Tree of Enlightenment. Created by Chrétien Frederic Guillaume Roth. 

Tree of Life

100 years later in 1859 Darwin published his diagram Tree of Life.  Cataloging the species.
By the millennium the Tree of Life diagram has evolved to include more categories.

Organized Complexity

1948 the paradigm shift begins with the publication of Warren Weaver article Organized Complexity.
A social paradigm shifts is a fundamental change often born from simplicity.
Warren Weaver introduced one fundamental difference. That knowledge is interconnected.
That classification at its most fundamental state, should represent “how one element influences the other”.
Modern Science became aware that elements have a bigger relationship to one another than a hierarchy system could represent.

Universal Structure

2000 Millennium Simulation published the mapping system of millions of galaxies.
Six year later, Neural Networks of a Mouse was published.  The visual representation of the patterns of a mouse brain.

Network Thinking

Both mapping systems look very similar. The galaxies represent the largest scale of the Network Thinking mapping system. While the mouse brain represents the smallest scale of the same Network Thinking mapping system.
Network Thinking 

  • Collective Intelligence.
  • Innovation Partnerships.
  • Shared Ethical and Moral Principles.

Non-Structured Leadership

Knowledge is interconnected. Examples of collaboration are everywhere. With  the arrival of Wikipedia rhizomatic (multiple, non-hierarchical) structure. And the many successful open source programming projects that have been successful based on the contribution of the individuals to the good of the collective.

Mind Map of Network Thinking

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Resources Mapping Systems

RSA Review Series by Gary Crossey.