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      How long does it take to build an International brand?

      It might surprise you to see the historical timeline of your favorite brands.

      Hope you enjoy the interactive timeline – over time I will add more content to the timeline and informational table. If you would like to add information to the either the table or timeline please email admin@irishguy.us.

      Year Business LogoLogo has changedName ChangeStill in Business
      1862 Guinness1862_Guinness_01 6 times.
      1st version.
      1865 Olympics xx 39 times. Yes
      1870 Mitsubishi Logo DesignChanged 3 times.
      1st version.
      1875 Nestle xx Yes
      1875 Bass xx Yes
      1876 John Deere xx8 times Yes
      1886 Johnson & Johnson xx Yes
      1887 Coca-Cola xx 10+ times/ Yes
      1892General Electric xx Yes
      1896 Prudential xx Yes
      1898 Michelin xx Yes
      1900 Shell xx 7+times. Yes
      1900 Nabisco xx Yes
      1903 Ford xx Yes
      1905 Rolls-Royce xx Yes
      1911Mercedes-Benz xx 7+ times Yes
      1926Greyhound xx Yes
      1933London Underground xx Yes
      1938Volkswagen xx 7+ times. Yes
      1943IEKA xx Yes
      1951CSB xx Yes
      1955Guinness 1955_Guinness_02 6 times.
      2nd version.
      1956NBC xxYes
      1960Chase Manhattan xxJP Morgan Chase BankYes
      1960IBM xx 7+ times.Yes
      1960International Paper xxYes
      1960Motorola xxYes
      1961 UPS xxYes
      1961 Weyerhaeuser xx
      1962 McDonald’s xxYes
      1962 General Foods xxThe corporate name was dropped in 1995No
      1964Mitsubishi 1964_Mitsubishi_02Changed 3 times.
      2nd version.
      1965Mobil xx Merged in 1999 with Exxon to form  ExxonMobilYes
      1966Dinners Club xxYes
      1966Exxon xxMerged in 1999 with Mobil to form  ExxonMobilYes
      1967Westinghouse xx Westinghouse Electric CorporationYes
      1967Metropolitan Life xxMetLife, IncYes
      1968Guinness 1968_Guinness_03 6 times.
      3rd version.
      1971L’Eggs xxYes – The egg packaging was one of the most successful product launches of all time.The brand no longer use the plastic egg as it is seen as wasteful.Yes
      1971Eastman Kodak xxYes
      1971Nike xx 3+ timesYes
      1971Quarter Oats xxYes
      1973Atari xxYes
      1973Merrill Lynch xxYes
      1974United Way xxYes
      1974Dunkin Donuts xxYes
      1975I Love NY xxYes
      1976Citicorp xxYes
      1976United Way xxYes
      1977Apple xx 4+ times.Yes
      1979Transamerica xxYes
      1981Texaco xxYes
      1984AT&T xxYes
      1995Guinness 1995_Guinness_046 times.
      4 th version.
      1997Guinness 1997_Guinness_05 6 times.
      5 th version.
      2005Guinness 2005_Guinness_066 times.
      6 th version.
      2005Mitsubishi Logo DesignChanged 3 times.
      3rd version.