I am good at DIGITAL MEDIA > Design and Programming.

– A digital rant that only digitally aware people should read. Cheers.

To deliver quality Digital Media content as a medium can require complex workarounds. Later those workarounds are refined to simplify the process. The process engages advancing tech to deliver more content in a streamlined manner. Often the trends for digital media delivery change. As we saw happen with both Adobe Flash and Macromedia Director. From the hottest trending app, to being dismissed and reprimanded.

It is hard to think now that there used to be an active internet that didn’t have YouTube. Back then, I was pushing the limits of the web. Publishing HD video and motion graphics for TV channels, BellSouth, AT&T, AIU, and Dagnabit Animation.

Awarded for creating a method to alter the frame rate of the Flash mainframe. The method provided a means to control video frame rate playback regardless if it was 15 fps, 24 fps, or 29 fps. Up until my solution the mainframe determined the playback frame rate. Rather than the video, resulting in video either playing back too fast or slow. My video playback method was awarded “Best Business Web Site” by WEIRD Tech Magazine.