Crossey Receives Adobe Award for Digital Storytelling

(Asheville, NC) – Technology offers unlimited global reach for personal storytelling and experiential sharing via digital tools and social media platforms. Gary Crossey, CEO, Irish Guy Productions (, an Asheville-based business, has been recognized by Adobe Education for Digital Storytelling curriculum design.
“We live in a world where students have unlimited resources to create, revise and share their unique stories with students and teachers around the world,” notes Crossey, a native of Northern Ireland. “I am honored that Adobe has recognized me for my work utilizing current digital trends to connect Asheville students with global audiences.”
Crossey received his B.A. from AIU of Atlanta. In 2009, AB Tech Community College honored him as the Continuing Education Faculty Member of the Year. In addition, Crossey has received Adobe Education Awards for Animation, App Design Training, Digital Creativity, Digital Imaging, Digital Storytelling, Graphics & Illustration, Publishing, Teacher Training, Video Editing, and Web Design.

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