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What to do with the Page indexing issues detected notice from Google Console.

Google Search Console page indexing issues detected.

DAY 1 – Search Console – Reports the following URL{search_term_string}. – indexing error. Last Crawl.

DAY 10 – A URL that is not available on the my website. From my research Yoast Plugin may have some impact. Yoast has been active on the website before. The URL error does seem to align with the time that we deactivated Yoast. Perhaps, there there is a connection or not. Yoast is a powerful and trustworthy plugin. I use Yoast on many of my websites. Knowing what will happen on your website after a plugin is deactivated is part of the web developers experience. Removed Yoast from website. Requested Google Validation.

No Sitemap is present. Created sitemap using This is my first time using XML-Sitemaps – I used the first service. After reviewing the XML file that XML-Sitemaps created, I downloaded the XML to my desktop. Followed by uploading the XML file in the WordPress Core files. To be honest, I am never quite sure if the core files are the files outside the WP-Content or the files on the inside of the WP-Content, either way, I uploaded the XML file to both directories (it’s a very small file).

Back in Google Search Console. Be sure to enter the entire URL to sitemap.

Google Console Sitemap
Google Console Sitemap

For now – wait on a response from Google.