Branding That Works

The most important characteristic of a strong brand is consistency. A brand that is eye-catching and memorable connects with people. 

A visual that supports your core values and credibility creates customers. People are attracted to meaningful and memorable brands that remain vibrant and responsive. Consistency creates customers.

People relate to a brand name that they understand.

Branding Guidelines

Be a Memorable Brand

The core of a great company, organization or group is creating a name that people can easily recall.

Make your brand accessible to your target market. By having a business name that is easy to recall, pronounce, and spell. The future success of business, not-for-profit, group, community, or organization is their brand reputation. Brand identity endure.


A brand needs to be Memorable. 

The core of a great company, organization or group is creating a name that people can easily recall.


Most people appreciate when they can say the company name. Or, you can opt out to be another one of those establishments that its customer base refers to as “that place near the Post Office” or “Oh no, the other place.”


Yes, it is true – everyone is on “The Google”. With the help of Google auto-type, our typos are significantly reduced. But, what happens when you can’t recall the first letter? It’s one of those unpronounceable names.

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Logo Design

Working with my clients to create a logo identity is a highlight of the design process.

Branding Case Studies

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BRANDING Soapbox Farm


Logo Design for IRISHGUY Design Studio Asheville - graphic design, web design, photography, and copywriting services.   At the start of the IRISHGUY Design Studio branding project, I began with a pencil drawing. Apparently playing with the three traditional...

BRANDING: Small Business Package

Asheville Business Card Design Asheville Business Card Design can mean one of two things. A business card that is designed without a brand. The Hands on Health Asheville Branding Project included a range of graphic design services. I worked with the Asheville startup...


Branding Asheville Ballet Season Video Project for Asheville Ballet VIDEO PRODUCTION Video Editing projects are such fun when you have creative footage to work with. For Terpsicorps - Asheville Ballet promotional video there was so much beautiful footage...

BRANDING: Creating an identity

Identity Branding Package Providing my clients with the ability to express their business individuality through a well planned Identity Branding Package. Branding that connects. The success of all businesses, not-for-profits, groups, communities, and organizations is...

BRANDING Asheville Hair Salon

BRANDING Asheville Salon create beautiful, stylish, and manageable hair. Their hairstyles have a huge curbside appeal - that range from everyday wear, to formal, to high-fashion art form.  When Danielle and Greg approached me to develop their brand and logo design for...


Asheville Business Card Design Inspired by a Needle Asheville is the home to the small business. Working on the design for the Asheville Business card for Underground Weaver was a fun project. I spent time with the Weaver and watched her work. Bernice worked between...

BRANDING Beach Mountain Resort

Beach Mountain began as a two location project. Bringing together a trendy South Beach condo with a rural North Carolina farm into one brand was a fun project. Creating the combination of mountain and umbrella graphics seemed appropriate. UMBRELLA GRAPHIC The umbrella...

BRANDING: Asheville Non-Profit

BRANDING: Less Impact Asheville Less Impact approached me to design their non-profit Branding, Logo Design, and Website Design. Over a few months, we defined their goal and message. As an active non-profit, their goal was to reduce the carbon footprint one step...

BRANDING Chromedome

Asheville Small Business Logo Design The target market for the ChromeDomes product line is bikers. Need I say more? BUSINESS CARD DESIGN Chromedome There is something special about every business card project. The business card plays a defining role for many small...

BRANDING Asheville Business

Business Card Design for Asheville Firm The Fastfwd Website Hosting Business Card design worked so well. The print job was perfect (and very cheap). The front of the business card is covered with a UV coat. The UV coat adds a layer of shine. The UV coat also saturates...

BRANDING: Dog Day News

Branding a Startup Creating a Brand requires many hours of work. My team and I worked with the client on developing their Brand, Logo, and Website. While the goal was simple enough - launch a dog news platform similar to Market Research showed...

BRANDING Restaurant Branding

  Restaurant Branding It was such an honor to redesign the BIG RED TOMATOES (Atlanta) Branding package. The Big Red Tomato was one of the key players in Atlanta cuisine. Serving Award-Winning Italian food in the heart of midtown Atlanta. The graphic design...

It’s not just me. A strong branding plan will set you apart.