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      Branding - IrishGuy Design Studio Asheville NC


      BRANDING / Logo Design for IRISHGUY Design Studio (Asheville).

      At the start of the IRISHGUY Design Studio branding project, I began with a pencil drawing. Apparently playing with the three traditional Irish triangles. While I enjoyed exploring the different conjunctions of the shapes. The designs missed their mark.
      While I pushed to make the three triangles work… it did not. The final logo has none of the elements that I wanted the logo design to have. The power of a good graphic designer is to explore the design idea. To create a smart, timeless, and clever logo design. You first have to fail, explore, and refine.
      After drawing the 3D triangle – I cut out paper shapes. And created different arrangements. Here are the two that most interested me. Followed by rendering the three triangles as a corporate ID. At the time, the paperwork for the IRISHGUY Design Studio corporation was being failed.
      BRANDING - Graphic Designer Gary Crossey - rough draft logo design
      Asheville Graphic Design Firm Irishguy - logo prototype
      BRANDING IrishGuy Design Studio Asheville