Two Pieces of Art featured in Canadian Exhibit

Two Pieces of Art featured in Canadian Exhibit

It is a great honor to be included in the 2021 AQUA art exhibit.

2020 seemed like a good year to reconnect with creating art. Over the past 20 years my digital design work has mostly overshadowed all my other creative work. Even though much of my illustration work is created by ink & pen. I typically take my drawings and digitize and enhance them. The end result is a combination of different mediums.

Returning back to painting came from a need to distance myself from my computer. To step away from the screen. To use my hands and eyes differently. Knowing myself, I began with scheduling 2-hours every Sunday for creative time. Draw, paint, or doodle for a few hours without distractions. The absence of distractions is the most important element of being creative. Making a space that has the correct supplies and the time to-be-at-one with the process. And making do. Yes, the final part about being creative is getting out of your own way and making do. Use what supplies you have and just start creating.

I am always drawing doodles. Circles, squares, step-ladders, embellished typography, oddly shaped people, and more circles.

With two pieces Masked (2020) and Red Robe (2020).

Masked (2020) painting began as a doodle. I really was not thinking. Just drawing and creating shapes. I certainly didn’t begin to do a painting of a person with a mask. The eyes formed. Then the  mask just kinda manifested on the surface. At first, I didn’t recognize or identify the mask. It had begun with lines forming – then it took on the mask form and I understood it better. I guess I was having some subconscious conflict between wearing a mask and not wearing a mask.With the sudden adoption of masks as part of modern culture. 

Masked (2020) – by Gary Crossey

Red Robe (2020 acrylics) by Gary Crossey

Red Robe (2020) painted over the course of a few weeks (mostly on Sunday afternoon). The painting took a few different directions before settling for this simple fictional portrait. I am starting to feel more comfortable with painting. I felt connected with the painting. Each week I really had a need to layer more paint on the canvas. At times, I still feel that the painting wants more work to be done. It may not be finished.

Local Small Business Discount

Local Small Business Discount

Local Small Business is Important

Irishguy Design Studio Inc is a small business in rural Big Sandy Mush (Asheville NC Area). As a small business owner I believe it is important to support other local small businesses.

With supporting small businesses in mind – I developed and launched the Local Business Discount Program.

The best way that I know how to support my local community is by providing what I am good at – Branding and Web Design. The Local Business Discount provides the startup branding at operational costs. That’s right – my business makes no profit.

For new or seasonal businesses the groundwork to creating a brand can be daunting and expensive.

I hope by reducing the upfront cost for our new clients – that they can get the fair representation online that they need to be successful.


Small Business Discount

Local Discount Program Success

I measure my own success by my clients’ success.

The greatest part of the Local Discount Program is when my client tells me they don’t need it any longer – and to bill them at my regular rates. My goals are met when my clients are reaching their goals.

And, Yes I Will Accept a Bonus

Recently, a client asked to pay-back the discount for their Startup Branding and Website Package. They loved their logo. And learnt so much from the Branding experience. Their business goals were exceeded. Believe me, I did appreciate the extra money into my business. It went to pay for my most recent Google Certification classes.

Gary Crossey (Founder & Senior Designer)

Request Services

Service Requested

Mastering the NC Digital Library Workshop

Osher Lifelong Learning Institue

Instructor: Gary Crossey

Workshop Resources

Buncombe Country Libraries

I keep the following URL (web address) as a bookmark.
From the Buncombe Country Libraries Page, you will have links to:

  1. Catalog / My Account – Non-Digital Library catalog.
  2. Events Calendar – Filter to branch, age, type of event.
  3. Download Books – North Caroline Digital Library.
  4. Download Magazines – Zinio for Libraries
  5. History and Genealogy
  6. Branch Locations – Hours, Directions, Local Newsletter Signups.

Catalog / My Account – Non-Digital Library catalog.


Without having to log in

  • SEARCH ENTIRE LIBRARY SYSTEM – with a search term.
    • FILTER by Type
    • FILTER by Format
    • FILTER by Library – Select NC Cardinal to search the entire collection.
    • FILTER with many setting.
    • Enter ISBN number.
    • Keyword content search.
    • FILTER with different settings.

When you Login  to NC Cardinal

  • Review, renew, request, and reserve.
    • Keep History (turn both on)
    • Preferred Pickup
    • Preferred Location
    • Search hits pre-page
    • MY LISTS
      • Custom lists to add collections of searches in one place.

NC Cardinal Online System does not connect with the Digital Library.

Events Calendar

Filter calendar by

  • Branch.
  • Age.
  • Type of event. (book clubs, movies, Lego, crafts, etc.)

Download Books – North Caroline Digital Library.


The home page experience with a browser or app is the same. The layout, buttons, and functions are all the same, and in the same place.

  • Working with the browser version and the APP version is seamless.


  • Library Card Number
  • PIN
    • (Switch Library)

NC Digital Library

Access to and APP

  1. eBook Fiction (Kindle)
  2. eBook Nonfiction (Kindle)
  3. Audiobook Fiction (Overdrive)
  4. Audiobook Nonfiction (Overdrive)

How to Search the Digital Library

    • Recommendations for you. (view more)
    • New Periodicals (view more)
    • New Arrivals (view more)
    • Popular eBooks (view more)
    • Special Interest (view more)
    • Audiobooks (view more)

Download Magazines – Zinio for Libraries

History and Genealogy

Branch Locations

  • Hour
  • Directions
  • Local Newsletter Signups.

Death of the Home Page

Many web designers and SEO specialist began 2017 with Death of the Home Page. Based solely on the assumption that more people are landing on internal pages.
2017 began with the Website Trend of “Death of the Home Page”. With predicts that more people will arrive on internal landing pages.

Font Trends for 2021

March 2020 Google Fonts has 972 Font Families available to use on your website.

With a wide variety of Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, and Monospace font category. The range of available languages for each font variation is outstanding. While most online articles will direct users to the most popular fonts. I tend to what to find that font that is different than the rest. I still want legibility and control of the typography to relate the design message. Let’s not forget, we are designing for other people. For someone with any interest in typography – those are your easy picking fruit. They will notice, they will observe, and deep down they will have a warmer to your brand due to the correct typography experience. Type is a design element. Selecting the most popular typeface that 26,000,000 other websites are using aligns your message with theirs. Your message is part of a mono culture of sameness. Before one word is shared the visual message from the typography is that your message aligns with the collective message. The personal experience – our end user – is now not looking for something new from your content.

What if your content is important?

If you do have important content, you may think of how to set your content apart from the rest of the online content. While this may seem overwhelming, there is a good starting point. Start with the less popular list first. Observe for new arrivals. Be that trend setter – how your online competitors copy you. How do you begin to set your content apart from other content? Research Resources Modern Fonts Trends for 2020 – Spofity Used Circular and it became popular. Brown – London Underground – Mother of geometric – Futura

Day 1 – Learning React

I am not quite sure when I begun using code. My Design background is Visual Communications with a Photography focus. During design school Media Rich Content was one of the key industry buzzword. Director and Flash lead the way for building content for delivery via DVD. To get any type handle on either Director or Flash you just had to work with the code. Lingo for Director, and ActionScript for Flash.

At the same time I was using HTML to build Portfolio websites to showcase my design work.

Twenty years later I build websites to showcase other people and their businesses, non-profits, schools, community centers… okay you get it (a lot of websites later). I am beginning to learn React.

Why React?

I don’t have a clear answer to why React. In recent years the web platform has opened up to new building tools, and different options for code.

The end result is the same as my initial design interest – Media Rich Content. And how to best deliver a Media Rich Experience to online users.

Online Resources

Online Resources

Welcome to my Online Resources where I periodically update with useful tools that I frequently use.

Image Compression Tools

Tiny PNG & WordPress Plugin

Reduce Image Size.

Optimized images are key to a fast loading website. TinyPNG is a great tool for compressing your PNG and JPEG images There is also the WordPress Plugin (which makes compressing files easier than ever).

Planning Tools

Wheel Decide

The only way to deal with descisions.

Need to make a choice?
Are you indecisive?
Overwhelmed with Netflix choices?

The Wheel Decide is for you.

Enter the options and spin.
Let the Wheel Decide your outcome.

Content Creation Tools

Designer Bio Generator

Generate your next bio.

Starting to write the beginning of your new bio is always a difficult job. Or, at least it used to be.

I now use The Designer Bio Generator to start the creative process of Bio writing.

Granted I may not use the bio generator word-for-word (I am simply not that interesting or active). The Bio writer does provide you with 3 strong bio-type lines of copy. That you can easily revise or combine with other auto generated bios.

Soccer lover, feminist, DJ, Vignelli fan and HTML5 Guru. Acting at the crossroads of art and purpose to give life to your brand.

– you get my point. 


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DESIGN TALK – Art Podcasts

DESIGN TALK – Art Podcasts

Yes, I have discovered the Podcast. I am listening to Art, Design, Philosophy, and History Podcasts. Started listening to talkART podcast with Russell Tovey and Robert Diament earlier this week. This blog features artwork that was included in the Dec 2018. Also catching up on past weekly episodes of The Art Angle.

Ice Watch – Olafur Eliasson

Ice Watch creates an interesting conversation on the quality of immersive installations. The viewer is surrounded and encapsulated in the essential features of the installation. The subject matter needs no introduction or description.

Ice Watch – Olafur Eliasson

Mirror Room – Yayoi Kusama

The High Museum in Atlanta Ga. does a great job of showcasing a nice mix of travel art installations. I am sorry I missed the Infinity Mirror installation – it was on my Want to See art shows.

Surviving Picasso

So many cards to play…

The Art Angle

How MoMA Remade Itself

So far not quite sure what to make of the The Art Angle podcast. The opening of the MoMA was greatly welcomed. Listening to the plans with the opening of MoMa less than a year later is kinda sad – as every museum had to close its doors for most of 2020. The Asheville Art Museum have a paralleling story after reopening after a wonderful renovation and range of new art appreciation programs.

MoMA has a collection of over 200,000 modern and contemporary art pieces. With the objective to change what is on display every two years.

The conversation of social diversity and representation by MaMO in October 2019 is interesting. Long before BLM movement mattered. The conversation of inclusion/exclusion is clearly visible. Even in the most modern of all places – the modern art world. Art critic Ben Davis talks about how MoMA pulled muslim related artwork from their collection to be relative with the first Muslim Travel Ban.

There is an acute perception is what happened at MoMA and what continues happening on Local, Regional, National, and International scopes everyday.

MoMA solution was to pull and prop the the relative Muslim artwork to address a national problem. And while the act was effective to gain national exposure for MoMA as their own narrative gains national media coverage. The obvious question is

Why isn’t this work from your collection already on display in the same context as all other work on display?

Review by Ben Davis – What to Make of MoMA’s Stand on Trump’s Travel Ban A closer look at what the rehaug actually means (Feb 11, 2017)

Modern Copywriting Certification

Modern Copywriting Certification

Modern Copywriting Certification

Gary Crossey, CEO, Irishguy Design Studio inc. received the Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy that Sells Certification from StackSkills.

The Modern Copywriting Certification promotes industry-wide competency standards using the art and science of copywriting.

For more information on our certified copy writing services contact

Google Ecommerce Analytics Certification

Google Ecommerce Analytics Certification

What E commerce Reports can Google Analytics provide?

The new Google E commerce Analytics reports remove the mystery of the online shopping experience.

  1. Product List Performance Report – which online tools are working.
  2. Product Performance Report – which products are viewed, added to the shopping cart, and which products are purchased.
  3. Shopping Behavior Report – displays how customers progress through your shopping cart.
  4. Checkout Behavior Analysis Report – learn where you are losing customers during the checkout process.
Advanced Google Analytics Academy Certification

Advanced Google Analytics Academy Certification

Advanced Google Analytics Certification

I am thankful to renew my Advanced Google Analytics Certification every year. Keeping current with online trends begins (and typically ends) with Google. Google provides an in-depth certification program that challenges to adapt my SEO methods.

Every year I complete the advanced Google Analytics Certification program with three core values.

  1. I learn something new.
  2. I gain a deeper understanding.
  3. I have new opportunities for my clients.

2017 is a superb time for Google Ad Campaign

Google Analytics new measurement plans can make your Google Ads more effective. With new tracking codes that can connect you with returning customers. Or, reach out to customers on other networks.

Create Meaningful Google Ads Campaigns

  • Text Ads on Search Engine results.
  • Banner Ads on other websites.
  • Social Media Campaign.
  • Email Campaign.
  • Or, a mix of the above.

I can establish your core keywords to begin your Google Ad Campaign. Know which keywords are worth pursuing before running your Google Ads.
I find better keywords that generate more solid leads.

What is the best process for successful Conversion Rates?

The first step to a successful ad campaign is to set a business goal. Each ad campaign should have a simple action and outcome. For each website visitor, the goal may be different. For the same site visitor, the goal may change each time they visit the store.
I begin with the basic Google Ad formula.
[blockquote align=left]
Business Goal = Action = Conversion
[btn text=”Learn More about our Google Analytics Services” tcolor=#FFF thovercolor=#FFF link=”” target=”_self”]

Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Certification

Every year I renew my Google Analytics Certification because it is important to me to stay current. The internet landscape is always changing. Web trends come and go. Often, without anyone else noticing. But, I notice.

The Google Analytics That I See

There is an art to Google Analytics and a digital artist – I understand how to work with numbers to create art. I also know how to see patterns in numbers, to capture trends before they burn out. Every year I return to the Google Academy eager to refine and define my SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Ad talents.
Thre are three things that happen with every Google Academy course without fail:

  • I always learn something new.
  • I always complete the course with a deeper understanding of what is important to Google.
  • I always leave with new options for my clients.

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Designing the Tee-House Design Studio begin life as a 3D Google Sketchup plan. I worked with design in 3D for quite some time – fine tuning the design elements. Figuring out how to incorporate transparent walls into the design.
The design concept began while spending time in the woods (located beside my home). And, how during the summer the woods are much cooler. As a graphic designer in Asheville, I create many creative solutions. For an extensive collection of projects. And standing in the woods in the summer of 2012 my creative mind began wondering what it would be like to have my Graphic Design Studio in the woods.
At the time the one thing I did not ask was if the project could be possible. I simply began with the 3D floorplan. And from the 3D floorplan, we had the platform installed. Framework added. Walls, roof, windows, and doors fitted.

Exterior of Design studio.

The Design Studio is taking shape. The roof and walls are in place. The front door and windows both work. The light is amazing – with more than two full transparent walls.

Interior of Design Studio.Creativity in the woods.

National Awards Competition

National Awards Competition

Irish Guy Productions is proud to announce that Gary Crossey returned for the second year as a judge for the Competitive Events Series of the National Awards Program. PBL’s National Awards Program recognizes and rewards excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. Through state-based competition, students compete in events testing their business knowledge and skills. State winners compete for honors at the National Leadership Conference. Gary Crossey adjudicated two sections that included Digital Video Production and E-Business.
For the Digital Video Production contestants were required to produce a 4-minute informational video spot for high-school graduates about pursuing a career as an educator.
For the second topic, Gary Crossey reviewed and assessed the E-Business Web Site Development submissions. Students were responsible for designing and developing a user friendly E-commerce web site that was cross-platform compatible, while adhering to web standards, accessibility and semantic guidelines.