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  • CSS – 01 Styles

    CSS – 01 Styles

    CSS styles are at the heart of website design. They enable us to create stunning layouts that look great across all browsers and devices. CSS styles allow us to control the layout, colors, fonts, and other visual elements of a website. With CSS, we can make sure that our websites look great no matter what […]

  • CSS – 02 Box Model

    CSS – 02 Box Model

    CSS Box Model CSS Box Model is the foundation of layout design in CSS. It is a rectangular box that wraps around every HTML element. Box Model consists of four main components: Importance of CSS Box Model Understanding the CSS Box Model is crucial for web developers in creating responsive and visually pleasing web pages. […]

  • CSS – 03 Grid

    CSS Grid is a powerful tool for creating dynamic and responsive web layouts. As a developer I can easily define the structure of my web pages, as well as how elements are placed and sized on the page. CSS Grid makes it easier to create complex layouts that are both flexible and responsive, with less […]

  • CSS – 04 Flexbox

    One of the more useful tools for layout in CSS is Flexbox. Flexbox is a powerful layout model that allows you to create flexible and responsive layouts with minimal code. In this blog post, we will explore why flexbox is a useful tool for layout and how it can be used effectively in your web […]

  • CSS – Alignment Samples

    Note to self – come back and finish the Center Alignment. Center this Css Positioning Center this Flex Box Positioning Center this Grid Positioning

  • CSS – Drawing

    Working with CSS to draw images. Cartoon of a young man with curly hair

  • CSS – Skills Bar Animation

    CSS 75% Javascript 72% jQuery 68%

  • SSL Certificate

    Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol Explained With the installation of a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate on your website you are able to safeguard the transaction between your site visitors and you. Protecting customers credit card information, shipping/billing address, and personal information from hackers trying to steal visitors information. The SSL behaves like an online […]

  • JavaScript – Beginner

    Programming Skills HTML 90% CSS 75% Javascript 10% Basic Deployment 95% Learning JavaScript has been on my To Do list for a few years. I would like to have more creative control with my website designs and functions. What can happen if the mainframe is not header, footer, sidebar? I am hoping with JavaScript, and […]