Design Package

Design Package

Drums & Dragons 2021

Seeing your work on TV never gets old.

It was great fun getting to edit the Drums & Dragons TV ad to promote their 2021 race.

I’m always so excited when it’s time for me to return to the Drums & Dragons project, because I get another opportunity to be creative and explore new possibilities.

It blows my mind just how much the Drums and Dragons Boat Race contributes to our community. They provide necessary resources for those who need them, and we are all grateful that they exist!

Responsive Website Design

Asheville Nonprofit website design by Gary Crossey

Social Media Banners

Banner Ads for Asheville nonprofit.

Custom Graphic Design

ANIMATION – Without Art

ANIMATION – Without Art

How extraordinary!
I thought they would care for nothing but your art.

Oscar Wilde

Without Art – Art installation & Video Project

It was 20+ years ago when I first worked on the Without Art Project. The animations were created for visuals at a nightclub in Atlanta, with Honey Djorn opening as DJ that night. One of my installations involved placing fabric from ceiling to floor in 10 foot cube blocks, each section presented at different scales than others or back screen projections.

Music by Billie Ray Martin.

Frame-by-frame animation.

The frame-by-frame animation begin as the text from an 📝 Essay on  AUBREY BEARDSLEY

The short animated gif was used as promotion for the event.

frame-by-frame animation by Gary Crossey Asheville NC