I am not quite sure when I begun using code. My Design background is Visual Communications with a Photography focus. During design school Media Rich Content was one of the key industry buzzword. Director and Flash lead the way for building content for delivery via DVD. To get any type handle on either Director or Flash you just had to work with the code. Lingo for Director, and ActionScript for Flash.

At the same time I was using HTML to build Portfolio websites to showcase my design work.

Twenty years later I build websites to showcase other people and their businesses, non-profits, schools, community centers… okay you get it (a lot of websites later). I am beginning to learn React.

Why React?

I don’t have a clear answer to why React. In recent years the web platform has opened up to new building tools, and different options for code.

The end result is the same as my initial design interest – Media Rich Content. And how to best deliver a Media Rich Experience to online users.