Yes, I have discovered the Podcast. I am listening to Art, Design, Philosophy, and History Podcasts. Started listening to talkART podcast with Russell Tovey and Robert Diament earlier this week. This blog features artwork that was included in the Dec 2018. Also catching up on past weekly episodes of The Art Angle.

Ice Watch – Olafur Eliasson

Ice Watch creates an interesting conversation on the quality of immersive installations. The viewer is surrounded and encapsulated in the essential features of the installation. The subject matter needs no introduction or description.

Ice Watch – Olafur Eliasson

Mirror Room – Yayoi Kusama

The High Museum in Atlanta Ga. does a great job of showcasing a nice mix of travel art installations. I am sorry I missed the Infinity Mirror installation – it was on my Want to See art shows.

Surviving Picasso

So many cards to play…

The Art Angle

How MoMA Remade Itself

So far not quite sure what to make of the The Art Angle podcast. The opening of the MoMA was greatly welcomed. Listening to the plans with the opening of MoMa less than a year later is kinda sad – as every museum had to close its doors for most of 2020. The Asheville Art Museum have a paralleling story after reopening after a wonderful renovation and range of new art appreciation programs.

MoMA has a collection of over 200,000 modern and contemporary art pieces. With the objective to change what is on display every two years.

The conversation of social diversity and representation by MaMO in October 2019 is interesting. Long before BLM movement mattered. The conversation of inclusion/exclusion is clearly visible. Even in the most modern of all places – the modern art world. Art critic Ben Davis talks about how MoMA pulled muslim related artwork from their collection to be relative with the first Muslim Travel Ban.

There is an acute perception is what happened at MoMA and what continues happening on Local, Regional, National, and International scopes everyday.

MoMA solution was to pull and prop the the relative Muslim artwork to address a national problem. And while the act was effective to gain national exposure for MoMA as their own narrative gains national media coverage. The obvious question is

Why isn’t this work from your collection already on display in the same context as all other work on display?

Review by Ben Davis – What to Make of MoMA’s Stand on Trump’s Travel Ban A closer look at what the rehaug actually means (Feb 11, 2017)