March 2020 Google Fonts has 972 Font Families available to use on your website.

With a wide variety of Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting, and Monospace font category. The range of available languages for each font variation is outstanding. While most online articles will direct users to the most popular fonts. I tend to what to find that font that is different than the rest. I still want legibility and control of the typography to relate the design message. Let’s not forget, we are designing for other people. For someone with any interest in typography – those are your easy picking fruit. They will notice, they will observe, and deep down they will have a warmer to your brand due to the correct typography experience. Type is a design element. Selecting the most popular typeface that 26,000,000 other websites are using aligns your message with theirs. Your message is part of a mono culture of sameness. Before one word is shared the visual message from the typography is that your message aligns with the collective message. The personal experience – our end user – is now not looking for something new from your content.

What if your content is important?

If you do have important content, you may think of how to set your content apart from the rest of the online content. While this may seem overwhelming, there is a good starting point. Start with the less popular list first. Observe for new arrivals. Be that trend setter – how your online competitors copy you. How do you begin to set your content apart from other content? Research Resources Modern Fonts Trends for 2020 – Spofity Used Circular and it became popular. Brown – London Underground – Mother of geometric – Futura