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Local Small Business is Important

Irishguy Design Studio Inc is a small business in rural Big Sandy Mush (Asheville NC Area). As a small business owner I believe it is important to support other local small businesses. With that in mind – I developed and launched the Local Business Discount Program.

The best why that I know how to support my local community is by providing what I am good at – Branding and Web Design. The Local Business Discount provides the startup branding at operational costs. That’s right – my business makes no profit.

For many new or seasonal businesses the groundwork to creating a brand can be daunting and expensive. I hope by reducing the upfront cost for our new clients – that they can get the fair representation online that they need to be successful.

– Gary Crossey (Founder & Senior Designer)

Small Business Discount

Local Discount Program Sucess

I measure my own success by my clients success.

The greatest part of the Local Discount Program is when my client tells me they don’t need it any longer – and to bill them at my regualer rates. My goals are met when my clients are reaching their goals.

And, Yes I Will Accept a Bonus

Recently, a client asked to pay-back the discount for their Startup Branding and Website Package. They loved their logo. And learnt so much from the Branding experience. Their business goals were exceeded.

Believe me, I did appreciate any extra money into my business. The recent bonus payment received paid for my most recent Google Certification classes.