Welcome to my Online Resources where I periodically update with useful tools that I frequently use.

Image Compression Tools

Tiny PNG & WordPress Plugin

Reduce Image Size.

Optimized images are key to a fast loading website. TinyPNG is a great tool for compressing your PNG and JPEG images https://tinypng.com. There is also the WordPress Plugin (which makes compressing files easier than ever).

Planning Tools

Wheel Decide

The only way to deal with descisions.

Need to make a choice?
Are you indecisive?
Overwhelmed with Netflix choices?

The Wheel Decide is for you.

Enter the options and spin.
Let the Wheel Decide your outcome.

Content Creation Tools

Designer Bio Generator

Generate your next bio.

Starting to write the beginning of your new bio is always a difficult job. Or, at least it used to be.

I now use The Designer Bio Generator to start the creative process of Bio writing.

Granted I may not use the bio generator word-for-word (I am simply not that interesting or active). The Bio writer does provide you with 3 strong bio-type lines of copy. That you can easily revise or combine with other auto generated bios.

Soccer lover, feminist, DJ, Vignelli fan and HTML5 Guru. Acting at the crossroads of art and purpose to give life to your brand.

– you get my point. 


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