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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol Explained

With the installation of a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate on your website you are able to safeguard the transaction between your site visitors and you. Protecting customers credit card information, shipping/billing address, and personal information from hackers trying to steal visitors information.

The SSL behaves like an online passport which verifies the credentials of both the end webs server and the site visitor. SSL is granted when both parties are verified securing their connection through HTTPS.

  • HTTP = not secure.
  • HTTPS = secure.

SSL Certificate Parts

SSL Certificates also contain a “subject” which is the identity of the website owner/certificate.
SSL Certificates have a key pair that work together create an encrypted connection.

  • Public Key.
  • Private Key.

A popular metaphor is using one key to lock your car. The key used to lock the door can be left in the door because the second key can only lock the door. While the second key can only unlock the door.

This type of two-key arrangement is very secure and is used in all modern encryption/ signature systems.

Where can you purchase a SSL Certificate

To provide a safe secure shopping environment a SSL Certificate is purchased from a “Certificate Authority“. The cer

SSL Certificate Provides

  1. Identity authentication
  2. Data Encryption
  3. Data Integrity

Provides Identity Confirmation

The SSL certificate is an online ID card (referred to as “subject”) that confirms with shoppers that your site is legit. And that the Certificate Authority have completed a background check and provides identity confirmation and

Encrypts Data

Encrypts any data that flows between the user and the website.

Setting up your SSL Certificate

Why are SSL Certificates so difficult to set-up?

While the concept of why and how SSL Certificates work are well understood. The installation instructions for installing SSL Certifications depend on the server your website is loading from and the type of hosting you are using. It is recommend to contact your web host provide first – as they may be able assist with the generating of the Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Why your need a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is required for SSL Certificate.

What is Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

TLS is based on SSL and was developed in response of vulnerabilities in SSLv3. SSL is the term mostly used while referring to TLS.

Keywords to Know

Certificate Authority

Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

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