Non-Profit Project – Don’t Ash Asheville Branding project. Created for Quality Forward.

Portable Ashtray – Quality Forward “Don’t Asheville Campaign.”

What a great way of getting to know the area – and being introduced to the media artists that were in Asheville during the early 2000’s.

Logo Design / Branding In Use

The Asheville Branding Package for Quality Forward Don’t Ash Asheville campaign cartoon style presentation. Branding & Animation created by Gary Crossey.

Educational CD

The Educational CD includes character animation and an illustration of downtown Asheville. Photographed the Ashtray on greenscreen in 24 single shots. The frames were later compiled on the timeline to create the spinning effect.
The animation between the scenes was programmed by code and are not timeframe based animations. Programming the animation effects by programming ensured a smooth playback on any device.