Logo Design

Branding Guidelines

Your logo is the simplest form of graphic communication. It’s your business signature – your way to saying to the world that you are here!

When you see a well-known logo you see more than it’s words or shapes. An established logo has a world of association that has accrued over time.

Many people forget that a new logo design is an empty vessel. No matter what typeface you use, or shape you incorporate the new logo means absolutely nothing. The logo will only take on meaning over time and experience. 

People do not base their impressions of brands by their logo or advertisements. People form their option of a company or product via a wide range of touchpoints. 

Many inexperienced organizations who contact me seeking a new visual identity often think what they want is a logo. A logo design is only part of the Branding package. Much as putting a hat on is only part of the outfit. What happens to a person when the hat comes off?

An organization’s identity must be authentic and consistent.

asheville logo design on cup
Branding - Logo Design
Logo Design for Asheville DJ iGuy
asheville logo design on cup
Irishguy Icon

The Two Types of Logos

Typographical Logo Design

Typographic logos often called wordmarks or logotypes use only-text to create their visual identity. Coca-Cola, Canon, and Netflix are good examples of typographic logo design.

Symbol Logo Design

Symbol logos use images and shapes to convey a brand ID.  Popular Symbol based logos include Addias, Amazon, Apple, and BMW. While some symbol based logos can be literal. A target for Target Corporation and an apple for Apple Inc. The symbol can be a real thing that is indirectly associated with the symbolize. Or the shape can be completely abstract.

The Bass beer red triangle logo is a great example of using a shape for their brand. The Bass logo dates back to 1777 making it one of the oldest logos in the world.