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Holy Fuck are a creative collective from Canadian. With five album releases between 2005 – 2020.

I first heard of Holy Fuck last year (2020) with the release of their fifth album and their collaboration with Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip). Their album remained on heavy rotation for a few months.

Now a year of so later – I am digging into the Holy Fuck’s back catalog. Beginning with their first album simply titled Holy Fuck by Holy Fuck.

Holy Fuck Playlist Selection by Gary Crossey

Over the next few weeks the Holy Fuck – best of… will be revised to include my Best of selection… based on my likes! I am excited to learn more about the bands music and see what I have been missing for the past 15 years.

Holy Fuck by Holy Fuck

Not quite sure why I missed out on Holy Fuck for 15 years. But here I am today listening to their first LP (Holy Fuck) from 2005 – and they sound fresh (even today). Electronica can often sound dated to a certain time period. This first LP could have been released today and it would still sound invocated and interesting.

Pitchfork Review 6.9 – Not quite sure if this guy listened to the same band. After a week of having their back catalog on a tight rotation I have only deleted a few tracks from The Best of… list. The band’s 3rd LP Lating doesn’t have the same iconic uniqueness as their other albums. The sci-fi effects sound like what was happening in music during that time, so it fits squarely into its era without sounding too dated.

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