Spiritualized was always that band that I meant to spend more time with. In highschool Spaceman 3 was on solid rotation. There was no other band that was able to capture and explain depression as Spaceman 3. The bassline and foggy expression was the only sound that I recognized as my personal soundscape. Maybe that’s the main reason why I trended to pass over the new releases over the years.

Now, 30+ years later – and in a much better place. Embracing depression and mood swings. Thanking those mood swings to be the person I am. Thank you Spiritualized and Spaceman 3 for creating music that at first sounds flat and unassuming.

Music Overview by Gary Crossey - Spaceman 3

Fucked Up Inside

Fucked Up Inside – is a new play for me. Perhaps a bootleg capturing the bands unique sound in a live recording. The band certainly sound bigger and bolder (to me) in this recording. While Spiritualized are off tour do hit the Spiritualized Songkick Tracking – I am sure someone keeps track of fans interest levels.

The live set is something special.

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