We Begin with New Eyes

As web design expects we understand that to build the perfect website we have to first understand our client. As any business that has a successful website they can tell you, their site didn't come from a template. Each business is different. We make it our job to understand your brand and the tone of your business.

We develop a website that developer your strengths and helps to improve your shortcomings. An online presence is an on-going process. A series of actions that support your online interaction with your core users. More people and businesses are at ease with online interaction. Discussions and sharing of ideas are happening online. Decision making and online purchases are completed at record numbers. Smart Devices are now the primary device for accessing Medical records for physician and patients. All while the rate of media consumption is at a record high - as is the production of content to be consumed.

What is needed to begin your website design

At Irishguy Design Studio we ask our new website design clients to provide our designers with their Brand Guidelines and a Style Guide. Having a Brand is an incredibly important aspect for all online businesses. Most online leads (customer, donor, new hire, new enrollment, etc.) needs to see your brand 6-7 times before they actually see Your Brand. No-one (person, business, or not-for-profit) is immune to the marketing phenomena of your brand being completely invisible until you are recognized.

At Irishguy Design Studio we do provide Branding Services to create Brand Guidelines - and generally do not work with organizations that do not have Current Brand Guidelines.


We Bring Talent and Insight

Experience & Team

All our website design follow best practices for SEO ranking. In our many years of website design and development it is our experience that websites that follow the White Hat methods experience more online success. We are proud of the work we do and the foundation of over 20 years from Gary Crossey, our founder and company president.

Our Team

Our design agency team are knowledgeable in a wide range of online/offline areas.

  • Web/App Development
  • Web/App Design
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation and Illustration
  • Copy Writing/Editing
  • SEO

We bring the Creativity

Creativity is the most transformative tool that we have at our disposal.

At Irishguy Design Studio we believe that creativity emerges when we get off the path of least resistance.

  1. Try out new ideas.
  2. Push Boundaries.

For your business or organization to succeed in the future you need a design firm that cultivates creativity.

We Dedicate Our Time

A huge aspect of any project is the time to reach the goal. Beginning the design process with a Project Scope is key to any success. Establish what your design goals are, and how they may attain them. Set the timeline for the major aspects of the design process.

What are common website goals?

  • Do you have e-commerce shopping?
  • Do you have downloadable services?
  • Will your website need custom coding?
  • Will your site require custom design?
  • Is your content developed?
  • Who will maintain your website?