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Capturing the world one image at a time.

Photography - Marbles by Gary Crossey

My Photography Journal

It would be great if I were to get into the habit of posting more photography. The truth is, I shoot so often… on mostly a tight deadline. That I rarely find that extra time to sort though and pull out those unquie photos that I capture day-to-day.

Living on a farm (in the middle of rural smokey mountains) we get foggy mountain morning. There are my pet Rooster photos (he is my boy), flowers, food, and a little bit of everything else.

Adobe Beta Tester

Adobe Beta Tester

My Beta Results for new Adobe Photoshop Camera. There are so many options for one photo. As long as you follow a few simple rules. Photoshop Camera wants to identity the background (especially the sky). For the best results the background needs to be well defined,...

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Product Photography

Portrait Photography

Photography by Gary Crossey

Landscape Photography

Conceptual Photography

Street Photography