Photo Restoration Services

Restoring your historical heirloom photos from water damage, mold damage, and even torn or ripped photos. Have your old family photos restored to their former glory. Here are a few examples of photographs that we restored for an Historical Jewish Website.
PHOTO: Mold and tore damage.
Historic Photo Restoration by Gary Crossey Asheville
PHOTO: Heavy mold and marker damage.
Photo restore by Gary Crossey
PHOTO: Missing part of face with heavy mold damage.
Photo restore by Asheville IrishGuy
PHOTO: Metal strains, missing spots and visual damage around mouth.
PHOTO: Water spots and fold removed from photo.
Photo restoration of historical Jewish Photo
PHOTO: Large fold removed, water and mold damage removed. Missing spots restored.

Photo Restoration Experts

We can scan and restore your photos from any format, printed photograph, 35mm negatives, slides, and large format transparencies.

Photo Restoration Services

  • Color Correction.
  • Light Balance for unexposed photo.
  • Restore faded photography.
  • Restore damaged or torn photography.
  • Remove fold lines from photos.
  • Restore from fire, water, and mold damage.

High-Resolution Photography

All final photos are high-resolution photography for the highest quality printing.