Writers are told to write what they know. The same is¬†true for¬†photographers. Photograph what you know. They also say, “never work with animals or children”.
That said Рenjoy my Dog Portrait Page.


Big Boy is the alpha guardian dog for Soapbox Farm.  Located in the rural farmlands outside Asheville. Big Boy heads a pack of four dogs; with Miss Sandy Mush as his side kick.
Asheville Photography Sample - Animal - Dog Portrait
Miss Sandy Mush a special Carolina breed. Adopted on the same day as Big Boy. Sandy might is one of the smartest dogs, with a complex layering of character.
Asheville Photography Sample - Portrait
Fin (White Giant) Рcorrectly named by my nephew Tiarnan. A gifted dog from a dear friend РFin is the nighttime security.
Asheville Photography Dog Animal Portrait
Click photo of Fin for a SUPER large experience. Fin is such a super loving boy Рwho enjoys long naps in the car.