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      Photography By Gary Crossey - The New Pals 2016 (Chicken and Cat)
      TITLE: The New Pals – Photography by Gary Crossey
      The New Pals - Part 2 Photography by Gary Crossey
      Pablo (chicken) and Timmy (cat) have become quite the new pals. Shortly after being born, Pablo was rejected from the nest. His small body submerged in a dirty puddle. The following days his body remained motionless. Baking under a red heat lamp. By day seven Pablo has gained the strength to stand.
      Since then, Pablo has become an attractive addition to the farm. He has a large personality. Big talker. With a range of sounds for “Give me Food”, “The Water Dish is Empty – again!“, and “I want a cuddle”.
      LOCATION: Soapbox Farm – Asheville NC.