The concept of right vs. left brain functions interest peaked in the 1960’s. During which time the idea that the right side of the brain deals with Reason & Vision. While, the left side of the brain could handle Emotion & Language. Today, the Right Left brain functionality is considered completely false.
Now, the concept of Right Hemisphere and Left Hemisphere is in vogue.

Right Hemisphere

“The right hemisphere by contrast yield a world of individual changing, evolving, interconnected, implicit, incarnate living beings with the context to the lived world. In the nature of things never fully graspable. Never perfectly known.”

  • Alertness.
  • Broad.
  • Open.
  • Sustained.
  • Vigilant.
  • Lookout of what is different from our expectations.
  • Understands individuals.
  • Disposition for the living.

Left Hemisphere

“The left hemisphere dependent on detective language in abstraction yields clarity and power to manipulate things that the known, fixed, static, isolated, decontextualized, explicit, general in nature but ultimately lifeless”.

  • Attention to detail.
  • Sharly focused.
  • Narrow.
  • Important and precise.
  • Specifics of what matters to you.
  • Understand Categories.
  • Disposition for the mechanic.
    • Tools and Machines are coded (even for a left handed person).

People who lose use of the Right Hemisphere have “a pathological narrowing of the window of attention”.

Frontal Lobe

  • Inhibit. (Permits you to stand back and observe).
    • Machiavellian (outwit the other party – manipulate).
      • Use and interact with the world for our benefit.
        • Food is the starting point.
    • Emphasize (see individuals from a distance – with interests and values).

For reasoning and imagination you need the use of both hemispheres.

Today’s Pursuit

Today we live in a paradoxical world. The pursuit of happiness is the objective.

  • Pursuit of happiness.
    • Leads to resentment and unhappiness.
    • Explosion of mental illness.
  • Pursuit of Freedom.
    • World that is more monitored by cameras.
    • Subjected to more networks of rules that strangle freedom.
  • Pursuit of Information.
    • Lead to less understanding.