I began working with the team at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) toward the end of 2010. We first met during a series of classes that I taught. The best part of working with the  NOAA’s art department is their clear goal. How to keep the content accessible and engaging to everyone?
The 2014 Climate Change Impacts In The United States report and website are the example of accessible content. The report can be downloaded in Full (all the details), or as a Highlighted (shorter version), or by Topic section. As well as being access as  content on the website. What was interesting about 2014 launch. 50% of the users accessing the report did so via a tablet.
Yes, I know the growing trend has been mobile devices. Tablet and Smartphone sales are enough of an indicator to suggest a user trend. What does that trend really mean. Unlike the last big device trend – from desktop to a laptop. The device is the only element that changed. The operating system was the same. The tools were the same. The way you accessed and enacted with your data files was the same.
The move to Hand-held devices is different. The Apps are different. The interface is different. How people interact with a hand-held device is vastly different. What are the best tools and method to present digital content to a expanding user group?