WooCommence Website Design

WooCommence Website Design

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WooCommence Website Design - Asheville NC

Building and managing a WooCommence website colossal project for everyone involved.

Before coding anything – launching an online store requires incredible project management skills. There are so many aspects of website design and development that have to be coordinated in a particular way to launch a website successfully. Unlike a basic static website, eCommence websites have a wide range of services to handle an online shoppers experience.

Items needed for an ecomence website. 

  • Build the Online Store. 
  • Program Real Time Shipping Options. 
  • Add Custom Order feature.
  • Add custom code to take personalized orders. 
  • Checkout System. 
  • Gateways to handle online payment options. 
  • Confirmation Order Message. 
  • Shipping Notice with tracking number. 
  • Shipping Label Maker for packages. 
  • Generate Custom Package Slips. 
  • Abandoned shopping cart service with follow up emails and discounts. 
  • Coupon System. 
  • Product Page Layout. 
  • Product Description (for SEO) 
  • Product Photography and 3D Models. 
  • Product variations (with weight and size for shipping rates).  
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Newsletter System synced to signup form.