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    Sandy Mush Tech Hub
  • Google Search Console – Page indexing issues detected

    What to do with the Page indexing issues detected notice from Google Console. DAY 1 – Search Console – Reports the following URL{search_term_string}. – indexing error. Last Crawl. DAY 10 – A URL that is not available on the my website. From my research Yoast Plugin may have some impact. Yoast has been active […]

  • CSS – Font-family

    The font-family property should include a fallback option. Browsers will access the font from the Computer or Device font library. This is a paragraph shown in serif font. This is a paragraph shown in sans-serif font. This is a paragraph shown in monospace font. This is a paragraph shown in cursive font. This is a […]

  • Using #Hashtags

    Beyond having a clear and precise hashtag (that’s an entire conversation on it’s own). The three keys for a successful #hashtag campaign is Build Awareness Be Visible Create Conversation Build Awareness Your hashtag should be included in all social promotions of your event. Be Visible Make sure to include your event hashtag on your registration page, informing attendees to […]

  • CSS – 05 HTML Lists

    I do love to create and format a good list. No Two Lists are ever the same. Basic Unnumbered and Numbered Lists (bullets) BASIC UNNUMBERED LIST – The Basic Unnumbered List is an HTML element used to create a list of items without numbering them. It is often used for menus, navigation, and lists that […]

  • CSS – 01 Styles

    CSS – 01 Styles

    CSS styles are at the heart of website design. They enable us to create stunning layouts that look great across all browsers and devices. CSS styles allow us to control the layout, colors, fonts, and other visual elements of a website. With CSS, we can make sure that our websites look great no matter what […]

  • CSS – 02 Box Model

    CSS – 02 Box Model

    CSS block model is an essential part of web development and can help make your website look more professional. It’s a set of rules that determine how elements are laid out on the page, and it’s used to create a consistent design across all browsers. With CSS block model, you can easily control the size, […]

  • CSS – 03 Grid

    CSS Grid is a powerful tool for creating dynamic and responsive web layouts. As a developer I can easily define the structure of my web pages, as well as how elements are placed and sized on the page. CSS Grid makes it easier to create complex layouts that are both flexible and responsive, with less […]

  • CSS – 04 Flexbox

    With just a few lines of code. The display blocks can load as Flex Blocks with a Flex-Direction. When setting the parent element for Flexbox to display: flex.The children elements will automatically align left-to-right. Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Child 4 Child 5 Child 6 Child 7 Child 8 With one line of code […]

  • CSS – Alignment Samples

    Note to self – come back and finish the Center Alignment. Center this Css Positioning Center this Flex Box Positioning Center this Grid Positioning