Light & Color Photography

Light & Color Photography

Similar and not the same

Similar. But, Not the Same

I loved creating this image.

There is something simple and innocent about the subject. It’s uncomplicated. A few rows of circles that appear to be in harmony with one another.

I like the absence of complexity. At first it seems to just be the same thing repeated.  And, that is what the image is.

With a little observation each sphere becomes more interesting. Each sphere has it’s own personality. Each sphere has a slightly different swirl, color, or highlight.

I find it interesting how each sphere interacts with the background. The background is slightly enlarged, flipped up-side-down, and made spherical (I love the magic of glass).

NEW EQUIPMENT – Round Lights

Yes, I got to play with my new round lights.

With the round light I was able to create circle highlights around each sphere. Encapsulating the essential features.
That effect just isn’t possible with a regular light kit.

Photography Gary Crossey - I was Sphere

I Was Sphere! 

Be sure click on the image to enlarge.

There are so many little worlds to explore.
Working the deep blue that appears on some of the spheres really adds to how different each sphere each. 

Motion Graphic Animation by Gary Crossey
Photography by Gary Crossey - Light and Color


NEW EQUIPMENT – Round Lights

Yes, I got to play with my new round lights.

With the round light I was able to create circle highlights around each sphere. Encapsulating the essential features.
That effect just isn’t possible with a regular light kit.

Photography by Gary Crossey - Light and Color

Spring Bloom

Spring Bloom

It’s hard for me to pass a nice bloom without pulling my camera out. My walks in West Asheville at the start of Spring were filled with blooming crocus.

Two Pieces of Art featured in Exhibit

Two Pieces of Art featured in Exhibit

It is a great honor to be included in the 2021 AQUA art exhibit.

2020 seemed like a good year to reconnect with creating art. Over the past 20 years my digital design work has mostly overshadowed all my other creative work. Even though much of my illustration work is created by ink & pen. I typically take my drawings and digitize and enhance them. The end result is a combination of different mediums.

Returning back to painting came from a need to distance myself from my computer. To step away from the screen. To use my hands and eyes differently. Knowing myself, I began with scheduling 2-hours every Sunday for creative time. Draw, paint, or doodle for a few hours without distractions. The absence of distractions is the most important element of being creative. Making a space that has the correct supplies and the time to-be-at-one with the process. And making do. Yes, the final part about being creative is getting out of your own way and making do. Use what supplies you have and just start creating.

I am always drawing doodles. Circles, squares, step-ladders, embellished typography, oddly shaped people, and more circles.

With two pieces Masked (2020) and Red Robe (2020).

Masked (2020) painting began as a doodle. I really was not thinking. Just drawing and creating shapes. I certainly didn’t begin to do a painting of a person with a mask. The eyes formed. Then the  mask just kinda manifested on the surface. At first, I didn’t recognize or identify the mask. It had begun with lines forming – then it took on the mask form and I understood it better. I guess I was having some subconscious conflict between wearing a mask and not wearing a mask.With the sudden adoption of masks as part of modern culture. 

Masked (2020) – by Gary Crossey

Red Robe (2020 acrylics) by Gary Crossey

Red Robe (2020) painted over the course of a few weeks (mostly on Sunday afternoon). The painting took a few different directions before settling for this simple fictional portrait. I am starting to feel more comfortable with painting. I felt connected with the painting. Each week I really had a need to layer more paint on the canvas. At times, I still feel that the painting wants more work to be done. It may not be finished.

WordPress Malware Alert

WordPress Malware Alert

Hacked Website - How does it happen?

How serious are the WordPress Malware Attacks?

According to the WordCamp site, there are currently over 75 million sites that use WordPress. While no one actually has the actual number of attacks. The WordFence plugin has been downloaded over 180 million times and protects 4 million WordPress websites.

WordFence reported their customers experience 2800 malicious login attempts per second. WordFence analysis accounts for a very small portion of the WordPress user base.

If malicious attacks rates are consistent. The WordPress platform could easily have 50,000 attacks per-second.


The likelihood of the attacks being consistent is slim. Hackers are smart people. They know that attacking a WordPress site without Security is easier to access than one with Security. Attacks on systems without security is more prevalent.

Website Hacker“2,800 malicious login attempts per second against WordFence customers” – WordFence

Your Friend Got Your Site Hacked

2021 WordPress Hacks

Shared Hosting Vulnerability 

FINALLY – Sucuri has reported (what I have been telling my clients for years). Shared Hosting requires that all sites are up-to-date. Hackers are able to access a website via the cPanel by first accessing a known vulnerable site on the cPanel hosting. 

For more information on Share Hosting Infections read – Trojan Spyware and Bec Attacks (if you are not techinal jump to the article conclusion).


Shared Hosting Hack

Keep All Sites Current to Avoid Shared Hosting Hack.

2021 WordPress Plugin Attacks

Facebook for WordPress Plugin

Two critical severity flaws in Facebook for WordPress (formerly Facebook Pixel). The first flaw allowed hackers to achieve remote code execution.

The second flaw simply had to trick the admin user to click a link and the hackers could inject malicious code into the site.

jQuery Migrate Plugin

The full scale of attack remains undetermined. By injecting Scripts hackers can skim credit card info. And, redirect users to fake sites.

Users were redirected to fake sites. And, prompted to confirm they were not a robot. As of March 2021, the malicious file is undetected by 90% of antivirus engines.

Elementor  Plugin

Compromise the admin accounts. Then using the site to install malicious plugin wpstaff.

4/17/21 – 15 Elementer plugins with over 100 vulnerable endpoints. Allows for “cross-site scripting or malicious JavaScript“. 

Orbit Fox Plugin

Inject malicious code into vulnerable website. And take over the website. 

Popup Builder Plugin

Attackers send out newsletter with their own custom content. Followed by deleting your entire contact list. Let Mailchimp handle your newsletter services. 

123ContactForms Plugin

Sucuri reported the 123ContactForms hack. Attackers are able to use software flaws to create their own posts. And, easily add malicious files to the website.

Contact Form 7 Plugin

Stored cross-site scripting (xss) security bug. 

Ninja Forms Plugin

Critical security Flaws January 2021 & June 2020. 

BUG 1: Authenticated Email Hijacking Account Takeover.

Attacker with subscriber-level access (the lowest access available to WordPress users). 

Bug 2: Authenticated OAuth Connection Key Disclosure.

Low-level users able to trigger and retrieve client_id for established OAuth connections.

Bug 3: Cross-Site Request Forgery to OAuth Service Disconnection.

Attackers could disconnect OAuth connections. Establish a connection with the Ninja Form dashboard – and read mail.

Bug 4: Administrator Open Redirect.

Attacker redirects the admin user to malicious site. And, infecting the admin’s computer with malware.

2020 WordPress Plugin Attacks

Easy WP SMTP Plugin

Hackers were able to identify admin users. Followed by a password reset. Locking the admin user out. And, giving the hacker full control to all site functions and user accounts.

Loginizer Plugin

WordPress developers categorized the security issues affecting the plugin and one-of-the-worst.

WordPress developers pushed an automatic update to all users (even those that had the plugin disabled).

The forced update was the first indicator that WordPress has the ability to automatically update everyone’s plugins – even when they are not active.

NextGEN Gallery Plugin

Here are articles to learn more about the NextGen Plugin hack.


Over 530,000 sites are still exposed to attackers. Yes, NextGen Gallery got hit by another hacker. This time, using Remote Code Execution to effectively take over the WordPress site.

NextGEN Gallery acted quickly to provide a patch for the hack. A few days after the release only a small portion of the GalleryGen Gallery plugin had updated to the safe version of the plugin. Leaving more than 530,000 potentially exposed to takeover attacks.

In 2017, NextGen Gallery was attacked with a SQL injection.  Allowing hackers access to the website database. Including sensitive user information.

Ninja Forms Plugin

Threat Intelligence team reported a XSS flaw in Ninja Forms. The plugin flaw let attackers replace contact forms with a malicious form.

Learn More About WordPress

Read my most recent WordPress Blogs.

Read my blog to learn more about The Impact of Using WordPress Plugins

Article Updates

  • 2/18/21 – Added second NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin article link.
  • 2/25/21 – Added second Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin hacked.
  • 3/3/21 – Updated Ninja Forms Bug 3.
  • 3/16/21 – Page Layout Redesign. More information at the bottom of page.
  • 3/16/21 – Added new listing. Contact Form 7, Elementor, Popup Builder, and Orbit Fox.
  • 4/8/21 – Added jQuery Migrate plugin. 

Local Small Business Discount

Local Small Business Discount

Local Small Business is Important

Irishguy Design Studio Inc is a small business in rural Big Sandy Mush (Asheville NC Area). As a small business owner I believe it is important to support other local small businesses.

With supporting small businesses in mind – I developed and launched the Local Business Discount Program.

The best way that I know how to support my local community is by providing what I am good at – Branding and Web Design. The Local Business Discount provides the startup branding at operational costs. That’s right – my business makes no profit.

For new or seasonal businesses the groundwork to creating a brand can be daunting and expensive.

I hope by reducing the upfront cost for our new clients – that they can get the fair representation online that they need to be successful.


Small Business Discount

Local Discount Program Success

I measure my own success by my clients’ success.

The greatest part of the Local Discount Program is when my client tells me they don’t need it any longer – and to bill them at my regular rates. My goals are met when my clients are reaching their goals.

And, Yes I Will Accept a Bonus

Recently, a client asked to pay-back the discount for their Startup Branding and Website Package. They loved their logo. And learnt so much from the Branding experience. Their business goals were exceeded. Believe me, I did appreciate the extra money into my business. It went to pay for my most recent Google Certification classes.

Gary Crossey (Founder & Senior Designer)

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