Author: Gary Crossey

  • CSS Shape-Outside

    CSS Shape-Outside

    CSS Shape-Outside is a property that allows text to wrap around a specified shape. This can be used to create unique and interesting layouts on a webpage. With careful consideration of the guidelines and limitations, it can be used to great effect. CSS Shape-Outside is supported by most modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. […]

  • CSS – Container Queries

    CSS – Container Queries

    CSS Container Queries: The Future of Responsive Web Development Responsive web design has become a crucial aspect of modern web development. With the increasing variety of devices that people use to access the internet, it’s essential to design websites that can adapt to different screen sizes. Media queries have been the go-to solution for a […]

  • Why a Rural Tech Hub?

    Why a Rural Tech Hub?

    Why a Rural Tech Hub in Sandy Mush Can Benefit Our Local Community In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the tech industry in Asheville, which is now the 7th fastest-growing tech hub in the nation and the 19th best place to live in America. This interest has also spread to nearby […]

  • Flexbox Cheatsheet

    Flexbox Cheatsheet

    Flexbox Cheatsheet: The Ultimate CSS Flex Cheatsheet CSS Flexbox is one of the most powerful and popular tools in modern web development for creating flexible and responsive layouts. However, the syntax and properties of Flexbox can be difficult to remember, especially for beginners. That’s why the Flexbox Cheatsheet from is an essential resource for […]

  • Flexyboxes: A Flexible Solution for Web Designers

    Flexyboxes: A Flexible Solution for Web Designers

    As a web designer, you’re likely familiar with the challenges of creating responsive layouts that work across a range of devices. One solution that can make your life easier is Flexyboxes, a lightweight CSS library that simplifies the process of building flexible, grid-based designs. Simplified Layouts Flexyboxes uses a flexbox layout, which allows you to […]

  • Learn CSS Grid with Interactive Game: Grid Garden

    Learn CSS Grid with Interactive Game: Grid Garden

    Grid Garden is an interactive game that teaches you how to use CSS Grid. With its fun user interface and engaging gameplay, it is perfect for anyone who wants to learn CSS Grid in a fun and interactive way. The game is available on the website and can be accessed for free. It consists […]

  • SVG Resources

    SVG Resources

    How to Use SVGOMG for SVG Files SVGOMG is a web-based tool that can help you optimize your SVG files. Here are the steps to use SVGOMG: That’s it! You now have an optimized SVG file that you can use on your website or in your projects. Square Circle Pac-Man Rectangle Oval Egg Triangle Up […]

  • HTTP and REST

    HTTP and REST

    As a Full Stack Developer how much do you really need to know about HTTP and Rest? In this blog, I will discuss my experience with HTTP and REST so that you can have a better understanding of the role of HTTP and REST. We all use HTTP and REST services every day, often without […]

  • Social Media Content

    Social Media Content

    Creating Effective Social Media Content Social Media is an essential tool for businesses to connect with their target audience, create brand awareness, and drive sales. However, creating social media content that resonates with your audience can be challenging. In this blog post, we will discuss the necessary steps to create effective social media content. Establish […]

  • Sandy Mush Tech Hub Mission

    Sandy Mush Tech Hub Mission

    Our goal at Sandy Mush Tech Hub is to find and develop new technologies that could be useful. We want to explore fresh and creative ideas that could benefit our society and economy. Our way of achieving our mission is not to reach fixed targets. Instead, we try to create an environment that sparks creativity […]