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Web Developer will need the following to work on your website

Web Developer will need the following to work on your website

Web Developer WordPress Website Access to backend and hosting.

Before working on a live WordPress website, a developer would typically need a few things:

WordPress Access

1. Access credentials: The developer would need administrative access to the WordPress backend, including the username and password. This allows them to make changes to the website and install/update plugins and themes.

Hosting Account Access

  • Provide access to hosting account.

Having access to a hosting account means that you have control over all the necessary elements for managing your website. This includes FTP/SFTP access, database access to handle your website’s data, website backup functionality for protecting your site’s content, and a development environment where you can work on updates and changes.

If these services are not consolidated within one hosting account, you would need to provide separate access to each individual service or platform where they are housed.

FTP/SFTP access: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) credentials are necessary for the developer to access the website’s files and directories. This access is crucial for making changes directly to the code, uploading new files, or troubleshooting issues.

Database access: The developer would need access to the website’s database, usually through tools like phpMyAdmin or similar database management systems. This access allows them to modify or optimize the database, fix errors, and perform necessary updates.

Website backup: It’s always recommended to have a recent backup of the live website before making any changes. This ensures that any unforeseen issues can be easily reverted back to the previous working version. The developer may ask for a backup copy to be provided or create one themselves.

Development environment: Ideally, the developer would also have a separate development environment to work on. This is a local or staging environment where they can make changes and test them before deploying them to the live website. It helps to prevent any potential disruptions or downtime on the live site during the development process.

By providing these essentials, the developer can effectively work on a live WordPress website while minimizing any risks and ensuring a smooth development process.

Web Developer WordPress Access
Web Developer WordPress Access