Illustration Projects 

Illustration Projects

ILLUSTRATION Website Artwork

Website Graphic Artwork The artwork created for the website interface is all custom artwork. Celtic Knot Work and Characters  


Digital Illustration Flower Wreath. Illustration work often has a mind of it's own. At the start there might be some sort of direction to go - but once the pen and ink make a true connection with the page. That's when the story begins - and the parts of the...

ILLUSTRATION Shoe Design Pattern

Digital printing has opened up the opportunity to create small runs of custom design items.The fractal pattern for the shoe design began with a portrait photography of my pet rooster - Pablo. If you look close enough you can to distinguish Pablo's eye.


The¬†Circles & Lines¬†design. Putting the Ink and Pen illustration on a 3D shape gives the design a whole new life. Buy My Mug Design Online  

Doodles for life

My Life is Captured with Doodles Doodles have been an active aspect of my design work for as long as I recall. I never talk on the phone without creating some detailed doodle. Often the doodle knows more about that phone conversation than I do. Recently, my doodles...

Accessories by Gary Crossey

Red Loop Accessories by Gary Crossey

MUSIC VIDEO Hello hello

My ink illustration turn to pop for motion. Great song by Marc Sound.

Comic Strip

Who doesn't enjoy creating fun comic strip illustrations?  Asheville Dental Care always has fresh ideas, and are interested in connecting with their patients. As their graphic designer and website developer, I get to immerse myself into their website content. And what...

DOODLE ART Connections

[columns] [span6] Circle & Lines I still don't understand why my studio went without a scanner for any length of time. I am such a scanner fan. I love how I can capture different stages of a drawing. Often the steps toward the end images can create unusual...

Animation Projects


Eye Spy began with the web design quest to make digital art for the sake of making art. The art itself does not have to make web design sense. The web page is the vessel to hold the content, but the content purpose is not to be part of the collective. The installation...

Motion Graphics Installation

When I began design work for Alice - The Ballet. The first visual concept that I needed to face was TIME. Alice is Wonderland certainly has many dips and turns in the storyline. While the theme of manipulating time remains constant. Animation Clock Hands Prior to the...

Animation for Client Reports

GIF animation are the total rage (right now). The short GIF animation will load on any device. These animation loops were created for a digital online document.

Banner Animation

Banner Animation - the website trend for 2019. The GIF format has had a long online history. The GIF animation has far outlasted some the biggest online technologies (Shockwave, Flash). As we move into 2019 the GIF animation takes on the role of engage your end user...


        As a graphic designer, it is often easier and faster for me to draw the frames that to use a 3D software to create the 3D object. 3D Development Created on Blue Screen for post keying. Animation Test Lighting For 3D to be successful, you...

AWARD Animation

Award Animation created for the WIRED Best Business Website Design award for Dagnabit Animation.